Power In The Lion King

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‘The Lion King’ Power often shapes actions and behaviour of people in various ways. In the movie the ‘Lion king’ by Roger Allers, there is also tragedy caused by the lust for power. The ‘Lion King’ is a movie about a group of lions; Mufasa was the king. Scar is Mufasa’s wicked brother who always lusts to be the king; he did not attend Simba’s ceremony, who was his nephew. Scar had a jealous conscience and dark deep desires since Simba was the heir to the throne. Thus he wanted to murder Mufasa and Simba to seize the position. He murders Mufasa but Simba survived, Scar then advised Simba to run away, declaring he was responsible for the tragic death of his father and to never come back, like this he would not disturb his reign. The fervor for power led Scar to murder his own brother who was the king were horrendous actions shaped by power. Once Scar reigned he did as he pleased with his reign, at the end, there was no water or food left it to turn into an eerie place plenty of evilness. Scar’s thirst for power led him to ally with the hyenas that disliked Mufasa…show more content…
Abominable action are executed by Scar, he murdered his own brother and king to seize his position as king; he also tried to murder his nephew Simba, the heir to the throne but failed and told him to run away. As a result, he became the king ruling the kingdom in with a lack of consciousness and ruthlessly s. Scar believed he was entitled to perform as he pleased; his behaviour was no longer the surviving behaviour to seize the position of king. There was a food and water shortage but he responded he would rather prefer death to come along to all of them in order to stay as king, in power of the whole kingdom. His main focus in life was being king and is above every other animal in the hierarchy and he behaved as he was not even concerned about his death but only his legitimate
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