Truman Doctrine Of Power

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Introduction Since a long time ago power has been very important, although it has been perceived differently by different scholars. Realist believe that According to Morgenthau, 1978 Power is the ability to make somebody do something that they would otherwise not do. Disequilibrium of power might at times lead to competitive arms races and wars, and a stable balance of power could prevent war. According to Claude, 1962 and Walt, 1987, the central measure of power in the security context is derived from military capabilities assessed in either offensive or defensive terms. The traditional understanding of power views it as a means to an end though the quest for power can also become an end in and of itself, regardless of the reasons for attaining…show more content…
Essentially the hard power tool of the Navy was used as a symbol for good, which allowed it to be a soft power symbol. This is a simple, yet wonderful example of smart power. Truman Doctrine. In 1946, the United Kingdom informed the United States that it was no longer capable of helping Greece and Turkey resist growing communist pressures; the U.S. announced a robust plan that combined aid pledges of military support to the struggling nations. In President Truman’s 1947 address before a joint session of congress, he proclaimed that the United States would support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures. The Truman Doctrine demonstrated the U.S. intention to counter any further expansion with military force. This was the hard power element of containment. Then the Ottawa treaty or the land mine treaty that came in during the bush administration because the Clinton administration had not signed it. When George W Bush came into power he revoked the signing of that ban. This is significant because, the refusing to sign the deal there were no major consequences that came their way. If America were a third world country suctions would have been imposed on it. The US show of political power was also seen when they helped in the downfall of Sadam Hussein who was a leader, but within a day he was out of power. Through this one can see that they are able and capable of overthrowing a president. When the Ugandan president was to sign the antigay law, the US had issues with this. To show it power it told the Ugandan president if he was to sign it there would be sanctions being imposed on Uganda but he did it anyway. This shows that their power does not always work on other states
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