Power In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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In the world, power has played an important role throughout one’s life. From the monarchs to today’s government, it has always been present amongst them, so that they can take care and protect the people. However, one learns that this is not always the case. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, a group of children stranded on an island decide to vote for a leader for order in the society. In this process, Golding argues that when one has power, it negatively affects relationships due to how one with power conducts oneself and how he treats others. (maybe briefly go over your arguments) In particular, a person with power leads to one becoming arrogant. (incorporate transition) Ralph is upset that people are not working hard enough to make the shelters. Therefore, Simon tells Ralph that he is the chief and can order them to work. Ralph then bets that if he “blew the conch this minute, they’d come running” (Golding 51). This quote shows that Ralph now chief, believes that everybody will follow his order. As Ralph is the leader now he has an…show more content…
When Jack challenges Ralph’s authority by saying that the conch does not count on that part of the island. Ralph examines the ranks of boys and sees that “there was no help in them and he looked away, confused and sweating” (Golding 166). The diction of “no help” reveals that Ralph feels isolated from the others because there is nobody to support him. Here, Jack’s power makes others fear him and hence, do what Jack is doing. In this case it is going against Ralph. Since everyone is made to go against Ralph, he feels secluded from everyone else. Towards the end, Jack and his tribe are on a manhunt to find Ralph and kill him. Ralph, thinking miserably of the near future, feels “fear and loneliness goading him” (Golding 210), revealing his isolation from the group due to Jack’s power. Since nobody is there to help or comfort Ralph, he feels
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