Power Models In High School

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When working with highschoolers in an alternative educational setting one must go into work with the idea that you will face problems. With those problems you must manage and address each situation accordingly. For 2 years I worked in the described of setting that was populated but youth that were diagnosed with emotional disorders mixed with, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and conduct disorder. This required myself to go into work every day with plans and goals for the current day and advice and lessons from the previous day. The biggest issue that I ran into on a daily basis was language and following directives. Most of the youth were placed at my facility because they could not conduct themselves appropriately at their previous school which was a typical public school setting. After reviewing many of the power models described in Chapter 3 of School Consultation by Erchul and Martens, I’ve narrowed down what I believe would be the best model to deal with the population that I once worked with.…show more content…
These models were dismissed by Marin in 1978 because he believed that these types of models were only connected with managerial, or supervisor, ranked interactions. (pg45).French and Raven assumed that this power model would play a noteworthy role in school consultation.(pg45). These two models work hand in hand as one is more of a punishment and the other is a positive reinforcement. The perfect example that comes to mind is myself being an assistant teacher at this particular behavioral school and using my authority to force youth to follow directions and at the same time rewarding them for that successful

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