Power Of Active Listening

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Human-being born with hearing skill and apply it unconsciously in daily life. It has contributed to communication and influences our interpersonal relationship, action and values. Loss of hearing will greatly increase the difficulty of communication. Human always have a misconception that it is a simple task. However, it is not a simple task as human thought and human are not well-experienced of it even used it every day. It is wished that human will re-examine own hearing technique after reading this essay and no longer underestimated the power of active listening. A daily case will be illustrated to show the importance of active listening and some tips which therefore improve the quality of communication.

According to alleydog psychology glossary (n.d.), active listening refers to
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Paraphrasing, restating and summarizing can clarify misconception towards different wordings. Listeners therefore get the accurate meaning and show understanding. This can gain the trust from the speaker, allow the talk to go deeper and come to new realization according to Mulvania. (2016) Using the above case as an example, Christy is willing to pour herself out because the active listening skills used show empathy and understanding towards the situation faced by Christy. She felt comforted and being respected and willing to tell everything.

The power of active listening is beyond imagination and it influences communication a lot. Different challenges will be encountered during communication, for example: noise and fake attention. It is recommended to apply active listening skills, including paraphrasing, summarizing and showing empathy during daily life in order to improve communication quality which can help us to build up a harmonious relationship and reduce the chance of having conflict with others by remove
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