Power Of Advertising Essay

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Advertising is everywhere in today’s society. There are billboards on most major streets, commercials and ads on almost every website. It it through advertising that businesses both make money by selling spaces and locations for billboards and shop signs. We process thousands of different advertisements everyday, especially with the internet being extremely prevalent in our daily lives. Many people are unaware of the effect advertising has on the human mind, or how advertisers are able to create lasting images of their products in the minds of their audience.
The power of suggestion is a major aspect of advertising. Advertisers create images in the minds of their consumers through suggestion and manipulation of the mind using positive connotations
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They do this by using the dynamic power of suggestion. Harry Tipper describes The Dynamic Power of Suggestion as the more forceful a suggestion the more powerful it is presented in the mind (Tipper 109). Many Americans have seen a prime example of Dynamic suggestion with the Old Spice commercials. They are played on Television and involve an extremely muscular man. He is loud and he is typically doing activities that many people would describe as epic. He is meant to represent the ideal man and when he refers to Old spice even when he is doing something else that creates the suggestion of the product in the mind of the consumer. "The dynamic force of a suggestion is in part dependent on the amount of internal resistance it encounters. The attempt to displace habits, usages, and practices of long standing is often more difficult than to develop totally new needs and tendencies. That suggestion will be most effective which can call to its aid some other impulse which is already active" (112). Using the example from before of Old Spice, while Old Spice does use the dynamic force of suggestion, even the quirky and often times goofy commercials cannot change the minds of people who do not like the smell of Old Spice or have had bad experiences with the product. It is very common for advertisers and large companies to work against a bias or
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