Plato Power Of Appearance

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In order to find out the absolute origin of “Power of Appearance” of this Universe or in this universe that in turn might be helpful in order to get our new understandings about “The Illusion of Solidity” and “Inertia”, we must reload the sole idea of Plato’s “Allegory of The Cave”, [The Republic, 514a- 520a] when he told us about the “Shadows in the Cave” and about the “Power of Appearance”, as we saw it before that Plato (428/427 or 424/423 BCE, Athens) said in his own words, “Power of appearance, led us astray and through us in confusion. Whereas, Art of measurement would have caused the soul to live in peace and quiet abiding in the truth.” As a matter of fact, I do have an elegant example for you, to prove this point. Look, in order to discover this proof, what all you need is a device or a thing, in which there is a wooden handle and at the middle of this handle, there is a wooden circle. So, this arrangement might appear like this. Now, on one face of this wooden circle, there is a drawing of a “Parrot” and on another face of this circle, there is a drawing of a “Cage”. Something like this. [It is the first face of the wooden circle, with a painting of a Parrot.] [It is the opposite face of the same wooden circle, with a painting…show more content…
It is obvious that the appearance of a “Dinosaur” was instant by instant, in their space-time continuum as it is the case with an observer of today like you, where we have already seen its true nature that is “Instantaneous”. Although it looks like a perfect natural continuum, just because every single appearance is bounded by the laws of nature, so that it always maintains its own space-time continuum, instant by instant because it remains in its true domain that is motion or “Absolute
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