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INTRODUCTION The present paper is going to discuss the oppression of the poor and weak at the hands of rich and powerful people and also the ‘Fear of Divine Retribution’ in the story of Premchand ‘Power of Curse’. ‘Power of Curse’ (Garib ki Haii) presents the Exploitation of Munga, a Brahmin Widow by Munshi Ramsevak. He did not return her money which leads to untimely death of Munga and after her death the destruction in the family of Ramsevak begins. His whole family is haunted by Munga’s fear and the powerful impact of Munga’s curse leads to the fear in the minds of the whole family of Ramsevak. The story narrated the rural India where the Varna system was religiously followed. Munshi premchand was born on 31st July 1880 in Lamahi, a village…show more content…
The story ‘Power of Curse’ vividly describes the picture of women’s grieving. This story of Peremchand presents how Munshi ji, his wife Nagina and son Ramgulam suffers after wrong doings to Munga. And her curse of Munga eradicated them from the peace of mind. In this story people like munshi, Ramgualm, Nagina become intoxication of wealth and power. Munshi made his profession to usurp the money of the poor’s and helpless people like widows and the old man. He cheated these helpless people. But the usurping of Munga’s money took away his peace of mind and lead to various repercussions of his wrong doing. He lost his wife, son and also himself. Munshi understands this very well that the fear of God justice resides in every man’s heart but then also he devoid himself from this fear when he cheated the helpless people in the beginning. By this story one can clearly believe in the justice of God. Astbury Jesse rightly comments “as in, ‘power of Curse’ Premchand seems to pass a harsher judgment upon the society of the village then he does upon the main characters”. Here this saying is relevant ‘who sows the thorns, can’t get the flowers. R. Mehandran writes, Premchand exalts his readers by his innate idealism and goodness. His works are a force of goodness in society. He was a man who favored right and justice, and decried wrong and injustice. His descriptions of life have a realistic approach but he saw the conflict between good and bad. He always had a faith that ultimately the truth will triumph over wrong. Through this story Premchand portrays the undercurrent of the Indian society especially the women. He has shown how the grieving of a widow can lead to such an powerful impact that her cursing can lead to the destruction of a family like Munshi’s. God sees everything. He weighs the good and the bad actions of the

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