Power Of Emotions In Hamlet

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Did you know that emotions can lead to bloodshed? In the book Hamlet by William Shakespeare which the book is about a sad tragedy. The main character Hamlet thinks his dad was killed by someone, so he is on his journey to find out who did it. I believe that emotions holds the greatest power of all. Emotions can influence the decision make, it can lead to a lot of deaths, and it can create hatred between people.
Emotions can influence the decision people make. My first evidence is that Ophelia kills herself (IV.vii.187). Ophelia had feelings for Hamlet, however her parents don't think they should be together. Her emotions influence her to make the decision of killing herself. Also Ophelia had a dilemma to make which is to choose between Hamlet or her family. Her emotions made her crazy and mad, so she ended up choosing to kill herself as an alternative. My second evidence is Horatio tried to drink the cup and end his life with Hamlet (V.ii.375). Horatio is good friends with Hamlet. His emotion almost made him decide to drink the cup and die with Hamlet, if Hamlet had not stopped him from drinking the cup.
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Emotions can influence the decision people make, it can lead to lots of bloodshed, and it can also create hatred between people. Ophelia kills herself because her emotions made up her decision to kill herself as an alternative. Laertes wants to fight Hamlet because he wants to bring justice for his fathers and sisters death thus his emotions made him have hatred towards Hamlet and that's why he wants to fight Hamlet. Hamlet also carried through with his revenge on Claudius by killing him the same way he did to this mother. Hamlet's emotion made him want to kill Claudius which leads to bloodshed. Emotions holds the greatest power because it can change the fates of peopleś live. If the character in the play didn't have strong emotions the outcome of the story would be different today, so I believe emotions is the greatest
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