Power Of Globalization

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In modern times, the power of globalization tends to be unlimited and boundless for all business endeavors to develop exchange or trade in any part of the world. As we all know that globalization uses modern technology and powerful infrastructure to communicate and transact all over the world, this can be the tool for all business in all countries to have financial transaction and to expand its capacity for the overall development of their business. According to Gapuz (2013), there are various ways on the impact of globalization. These include the creation of worldwide environment in investment, management, machinery, and societal conditions that speeds up the growth of globalization. Through these, it helps to have more international trading and increasing employment rate. By embracing globalization and international finance, it will make any countries across the globe to be better and allowing more trading and investments from foreigners to help the economy of any country. In real life, businesses faces increasing competition, because of this, its workers may also be discouraged because of such. There are reasons according to Tverberg (2013), why globalization can be a huge problem. Globalization quickly uses limited resources. Globalization can increase world oil prices. Globalization can move taxation away from companies, and transferred to individual citizens. Globalization ties countries together, so that if one country collapses, other countries will be also leads

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