Power Of Greed In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Essay #2: The Theme of the Crucible The Crucible by Author Miller is a play about the tribulations that the people of Salem had to deal with because of the accusations one girl took upon herself to make. Throughout the play multiple themes were present. One essential theme is the “Power of Greed”; this is known through Abigail and her constant need for Proctor, Parris’ greedy when it comes to the church, Putnam gaining land, and Danforth’s desire to be at the top. Greed in accordance with Act I is primarily based upon Abigail. In terms of relationships, Abigail and John Proctor have a long history. When Abigail worked for the Proctor’s, John and her held a long affair until Elizabeth kicked her out and she moved to live with Parris. The witch …show more content…

He has an acquired taste for the more lavish life. Though Priests are supposes to live more simple lives, he lives a life of greed. He has been accused by Proctor saying that the bible “…tells me that a minister may pray to God without he have golden candlesticks upon the altar.” (Miller 62). Parris insisted on having gold candlesticks to make the church seem more decadent. However, his greed got in the way. Not only does he know he is greedy, but he does not try to deny it. Instead he gives reasons for the way he acts. Greed in terms of Parris is a definite thing that is wrong with …show more content…

Putnam is a very greedy man who always wants his way. He was the one that urged Parris to cry witchcraft in their town even if it would ruin Parris’ name. His greed was most visible when people were accused of being witches. He had his daughter, Ruth, cry witchcraft on multiple people. By doing this, he was able to obtain their land because if they were found guilty, they could no longer own it. Giles Corey announced at court “This man [Putnam] is killing off his neighbors for their land!” (Miller 89). The court however did not believe Giles and he eventually was accused for witchcraft himself. The greed that Putnam shows is based primarily on land. Those with more land are perceived as wealthier, Putnam being the self-indulged man he is, wants to be seen as wealthy compared to individuals surrounding

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