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The Power of HeLa “You make sure Day takes care of them children” stated Henrietta with her last few gasps of breath (Skloot 85). This powerful statement shows just how caring and selfless Henrietta Lacks was. She wanted the best for everyone else, even though, she was on her death bed fighting for her life. She tried to mask the excruciating pain that she was in until it overcame her and she was forced to visit the hospital. In turn, this could have dampened her chances of curing the cancer. Skloot does a phenomenal job of subtly explaining the importance of HeLa cells and their impact on the world, while explaining the life of Henrietta Lacks and her family. When told they have to read the book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, a majority of students will have no clue what the novel is about. That is, until they read the first page of the prologue and realize it is about a courageous woman and her cells, that have most likely affected their lives indirectly. As they continue, they will learn to appreciate the woman named Henrietta Lacks and the iconic HeLa cells attached to her name. Students will become aware of the advances in the…show more content…
This eventually led to a family member becoming so stressed and worn out from this ordeal that she had a stroke. The publicity could have been wonderful, but the press cared about the cells, and the cells only. The family had to protect the reputation of Henrietta as a person. They did not want her to be remembered solely for having the first immortal cells. Therefore, they did not talk to the press and kept to themselves until they were approached by the right person. Skloot was completely different than the bulk of reporters that contacted the family previously. Skloot wanted to tell the story of a strong mother who fought for her life and inadvertently produced a monumental discovery in science, and that is exactly what she
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