Power Of Identity Short Story: The Power Of Identity

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Short story- the power of identity
Taking place when she was identified as “Franks wife”, when her husband misjudged the bank of the dam, hearing the sound of a tractor overturning. Covering the shock on her face, mourning over the outcome, he starts to go pale. The look on her face as if she saw her life was falling apart.
“I couldn’t imagine being alone, even if he is a pretentious prick.” Dialling the digits 000, directing the paramedics too frank, they boosted him on the stretcher and drove to the hospital, she met him at the hospital for the last few hours of her husband’s life.
Waking up, moving her arm across the bed to feel some type of connection, like someone, was there to wake up beside her to say good morning. When waking up to
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Walking with her head down, with her brown hair blocking her peripheral vision, her blue eyes. On her way to book an appointment at her local psychologist. Luxury room from leather couches, wooden desk and long dark curtains. In this moment she felt like every memory she explained, every word she spoke was being analysed.
Never expecting to be here, Mrs. Slovak didn’t see herself as a widow. Losing someone she cared about, someone she maybe still does care about or maybe she is just scared of being alone. However, she never felt equal, appreciated or even acknowledged.
Talking to a man who used to be a stranger to her two years ago until Mrs. Slovak started to open up about how she really felt towards her husband. with a notepad in his hand, trusting him, telling him everything, all her memories, feeling exposed to this guy she just met, hoping that he can help her with all her problems, hoping he can help overcome her past and fears. Ms. Slovak. had never had a positive experience with men, they were always giving off the vibe as if they’re more superior, which didn’t help her case
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Slovak is feeling bad for leaving it on bad terms, letting him leave the way he did. The flexion of their marriage trying to ignore their problems, the guilt of wanting to move on and to forget about that part of her life, but looking for some type of answer. The past of her relationship with Frank was intense, from the complexity of her domestic relationship with Mr. Slovak, in an emotional and physical way, as if he had no intention of loving her, comparable to his shadow to fill in the emptiness, to fill a void in his life. Mr. Slovak was several year’s older than his wife, although he had very few wrinkles and grey hair’s. he was tall and handsome, what every woman would dream of. Being married to Frank, her knowledge of him became much clearer the longer they were together. Frank was a selfish man who only knew how to love
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