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The power of kindness is often times something society underestimates. I believe the power of kindness is undeniable and unfathomable, and grasping this concept can seem almost impossible. One cannot begin to truly fathom the power of kindness until they witness it firsthand. As a waitress, I come across all kinds of people; bubbly, self-deserving, and well-rounded individuals have all come into my place of work and sat at one of my tables. However, the ones I feel the most blessed to serve are the ones with pure hearts. You can spot them right away. They radiate kindness, and seem to bring joy to anyone they come into contact with. These are the individuals we should all strive to mirror. A few weeks ago I had the honor of meeting and serving some of these purposeful individuals. A couple was sat into one of the booths in my section, and I was able to immediately recognize their kind hearts. Just moments after, I was sat with a table of ten, and if we’re being honest here, I wasn’t too happy about being double-sat at first. However, what I didn’t realize was that having the opportunity to serve both…show more content…
Twenty minutes later, when the table of ten was ready for their bill, I informed them of the sixty dollars that the couple from the booth wanted to give to them. Immediately almost everyone at the table, including the men, started crying. One woman looked up at me with tears in her eyes and informed me that their mother had just died, and their dad had less than one week left to live. I stood in shock, and took a moment to process what I had just heard. Seconds later, the reality of the whole situation struck me, and I began to cry with the family. The woman in tears embraced me in a hug, and thanked me. However, I did not feel that I deserved any sort of gratitude from this kind family. I felt that I owed them, and the couple in the booth all of the thanks in the

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