Power Of Kindness Essay

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I believe in the power of kindness. First, let me tell you a story. My grandfather lost his parents when he was four, when he was six years old, World War II began. Immediately was sent to a safe place on the other end of the Poland, he had been spending his time helping adults in farm or playing in the forest. After five years in he saw a soldier, who now I know, was coming back from Russia from the battle of Leningrad, who smiled gently at my grandfather and gave him a balaclava and pair of gloves. Even though 75 years have passed, he was still moved by that experience and the history of World War II. He always taught me that we cannot blame a person for the mistakes of its country because most of the changes are induced without knowledge…show more content…
In a big community, it is natural that everyone has different beliefs, but it is important to respect them no matter what. Three years ago I met Ola; we are friends since then. We have many things in common such as volunteering in the community and achieving good grades, but there is one thing that we do not have in common, which is views. When I am more left winged, she is right winged, but most of the times we eventually find common ground. Nevertheless, sometimes we fight, the last subject of our argument was a social issue. She said that she would abolish abortion, it was hard for me because I am a pro-choice, but later on, she listed me things that were wrong, in her point of view. I did not agree with most of these causes, but the way that we were discussing was peaceful and kind. This allowed me to open my mind to find a common ground. We could agree that the abortion is always difficult for a woman because she may need help from a counselor. This a very difficult subject, but from our conversation I have gained a different perspective. Now I do not think in a one-dimensional way. It makes my think that sometimes I am wrong, but having a friend, who has a different perspective than mine, is very precious. Exchange of beliefs is always productive when both sides are willing to hear the other one. I am grateful to Ola because our arguments were critical to crystallizing my
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