Power Of Light In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The Power of Light Light is one of the most essential substance in the universe. There are many different ways to interpret light. Light can be the physical substance that travels super fast throughout the galaxy or it can be shown in acts of kindness. It can be depicted in a painting or can be shown in all of the colors of the Earth. Many stargazers (astronomers) look into the sky at night and see the beauty and power of the stars. Others like to observe the actions of certain people and see how much good in the world they are doing. When doing these acts of kindness, it makes them seem so much more fun to be around. I personally enjoy being around people who are nice and are always smiling. It makes me feel happy inside. They make…show more content…
The soldiers didn’t have to fight so hard against the surprise British attack on Fort McHenry. But they did push through and in the end we came out victorious. There is always light no matter how dark it may seem. Light has the power to change lives. In the book Frankenstein, there is not a whole lot of instances of light. It is a dark book because of the evil that the creature causes. But there are many moments in the book where the creature is trying to be nice and tries to help people. He secretly helps an old man and his daughter and son with some of the chores they have to do. They don’t know who is doing it, but they are thankful. Some people may say that light will always have an opposite, darkness. Someone will always have a selfish desire that ends up hurting other people. In Frankenstein, he approaches the old man, who is blind, and confesses to him that he is the one who has been doing all of the nice deeds for the family. He asks for the comfort of their home and not to be afraid of him. The rest of the family comes home and sees the huge, scary creature with their father. They are terrified and the son removes the creature from the house. The creature is confused. Why had they treated him like this? He had done so many nice and helpful works for them. This creates a hatred for humanity. Why do they judge only on the outward appearance instead of the deeds?(Shelley) In this example, light…show more content…
The physical light, like the sun, and the metaphorical light, like the actions of a certain being. Both are prominent in video games. In the article “Perspectives on Video Games as Art”, there are many opinions thrown around about how video games can be seen as a form of art or light. There are “ possibilities created by video games in the context of creative processes and the appreciation of art.”(Bourgonjon 1) The video game industry has come a long way from a graphical standpoint. The newest games releasing are the some of the most real life looking animations we have ever seen. But the graphical power is not the only side of it. Many people have enjoyed the stories in video games. There can be many examples of great characters in video games with good intentions that help out a hero or just a regular person in their regular day. Both the physical aspect and the emotional aspect can be found in the digital
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