Power Of Light In The Great Gatsby

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Tracking the light is the karma people receive. All of the characters in the story had good karma;. Lights are good events that happen to characters. Silas’s gold is one of the most recognizable lights in the story; Some other ones are Silas and baby Eppie, Godfrey and Nancy, Silas and older Eppie, Squire cast and Aron and Eppie. These events were all lights to each of the characters. In the beginning of the book, Silas has his first true friend after being banished from in Lantern Yard, it was gold. Silas loved his money more than anything in the world. “That will help us to understand how the love of accumulating money grows an absorbing passion in men whose imaginations, even in the very beginning of their hoard, showed them no purpose beyond it” (chapter 2 paragraph 7). In this quote, silas remarks that the money absorbs people into wanting more and that exactly what happens to Silas. Later on Silas meets Eppie; to Silas Eppie was a gift from god. "The money doesn't take hold of me I wonder if it ever could again - I doubt it…show more content…
He does not have a wife because she died years before”Squire Cass’s wife died years earlier, and the Red House has lacked a woman’s touch.”(chapter3 page 19) Squire Cast’s light is Godfrey. He wants him to become the next squire. Squire Cast died from old age and could not give Godfrey the title of Squire, but he received the Red house and the land around it. Aron and Eppie fall in love later on in the book. Aron is Eppie’s first and only love. Aron helped Eppie create a garden. Aron is the light in Aaron's eyes, and at the end of the book Aron mary's Eppie. In conclusion, there are many lights in the book, a light is the good karma a person receives from doing good deeds. Many characters have lights some involve people and other ones involve gold. Silas Marner is a good example of the many lights in the book. Silas loved his gold , but later learned that Eppie was much better than
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