Power Of Love In Homer's Odyssey

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The power of love is greater than the love of power. Iphonious, Telemachus’s beloved son has fallen head over heels in love with the charming nymph, Ceria. However, if Iphonious chooses to please his heart and love Ceria, he will unwillingly relinquish his throne. Iphonious and Ceria knew they were meant for each other the moment they locked eyes. It does not do any soul good to govern love at first sight. Love in fact acts as the most dangerous power, a force not to reckon with.
I’ve learned from experience, intervening with mortal’s love affairs will only spark trouble, maybe even an entire war. In return for awarding me the Golden apple of discord, I promised Paris the most beautiful woman in the world. Helen, whose beauty took the prize,
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My dear friend, Penelope finds the strength to avoid her horrid suitors long enough for her husband, Odysseus, to return home. Penelope finds the strength to wait for her heroic husband in the deep love they share. She stays loyal to him even under the grievous pressure to choose a suitor. The acts of self-control and wit that Penelope displays while waiting for Odysseus becomes made capable by love. She declares that she will choose a suitor once she finishes weaving a loom for Odysseus’s late father, Laertes. She weaves the loom every day and unweaves her stitches in the evening to stall from picking a suitor. Penelope does not know if he will make it home but remains hopeful anyway. In times of vulnerability, Iphonious and Ceria will always have each other as auxillary. They can look to the other and seek motivation out of devotion. The power of love supports people in times of strife.
Love always prevail over power. Disrupting mortal’s love episodes would likely prompt bloodshed. Also, allowing mortals to adore whomever they wish will make them joyous. Lastly, love grants people the power to overcome struggles within. The crave for power might make people believe that it dominates all else. Beware of this illusion. The most superior force is love. In any situation, whether battlefield or metropolis, love will conquer
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