Power Of Motivation In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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The Power Of Motivation We do things for many reasons but the most common reason is motivation. Motivation is what prompts a person to act in a certain way, or at least develop an inclination for specific behavior. Motivation is not the part that is important it’s what the motivation is, such as love or fear. In the book Anthem equality is a main character that is motivated to find something that he knows in his gut he needs to find and also that the council is hiding from his brothers. He is motivated by curiosity and finding the good for his Humanity. He wants to know the secrets and hidden objects that he thinks he was destined to find. Equality was motivated to go into the Uncharted Forest to find something without a clue what it is or where it is at. He does what many human do with their motivation which is go after it. What does Equality’s motivation lead him to. Equality’s curiosity and making the world a better place led him to his individualism. Where he lived his community was made up of collectivism.…show more content…
All people should be curious at some point and many are. They should already know what's out there in the first place. If he was not curious he would not have gone into the Uncharted Forest. He would never have known what individualism is and would be living in a collectivist environment his whole life. Without him having is individualism he have always thought that he was a curse as his teachers is always told him. Equality would not have been able to be with the golden one or care for his child and teach him the importance of his individualism. If the people today are motivated by curiosity and the wanting a loving place then our world would be very evil. People would not care about others or one to put in work that I was needed to be done like they do now. By this Equality has every right to have great amount of passion for his people and be curious of what is out
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