Equality Between Men And Women

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Music is a powerful tool. Having been passed down from ancient traditions, it has become a prevalent use of entertainment. It gives artists a massive platform for them to voice their opinion and declare their feelings about issues that are and were prominent. Although the power of music is abused by many artists talking about more explicit and irrelevant topics, others use this ability to make a change. Through music, men and women were able to express their want for change and progressed the fight for equality between the sexes, so they wouldn 't have to abide by the social norms and expectation of society.
In the start of the 1960’s, society expected men and women to abide by their norms, meaning that men couldn 't express feelings nor
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Women were expected to be housewives, who stayed home and did domestic chores and fulfilled the pleasure of their husbands. Men were able to go around and use women whenever they please; however, if a women were to do this, society would look frown upon them and shame them for their actions. This double-standard caused many women to be heartbroken and rejected by their husbands and significant other cheating on them. Even if a women were unhappy, getting a divorce would be most likely frowned upon because it was common for men to cheat, so women would have to deal with it. Therefore women often chased after the man of their dreams, only to be tricked by his perfect appearance. Then it would be too late to change so they had to remain faithful and obedient. Peggy March proclaims in her song “ I Will Follow Him,” that no matter where he is she will remain faithful and loyal. It states, “ I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go there isn 't an ocean too deep a mountain so high it can keep me away.” No matter where he goes there’s nothing stopping her from wanting to be with him. Women would go to great extents to be with them, but men would drop their wife in the blink of an eye if they found someone better. Women would blindly follow their husband because they were too oblivious to realize that he most likely didn’t care in the first place. And finally, when they were married all they would do was stay at home. Also released in 1961 Marcie Blane sings in “Bobby 's Girl.” The song begins by saying, “When people ask of me what would you like to be, now that you 're not a kid anymore? I know just what to say, I answer right away. There 's just one thing I 've been wishing for. I wanna be Bobby 's girl.” In the 1960’s, it 's clear from this song that women weren’t expected to be more than a housewife. Her quick response means that she only has one option,
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