Power Of Pride In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The only thing that is keeping you from reaching your goals is YOU. That is something I tell my siblings when they are in doubt or stressed about the way their lives are going. Being fearless to go after what you truly want will make you powerful enough to reach any goal you set, whether it is for revenge or pride. In the book, the creature expresses to Victor that he will make him suffer if he does not fulfill his wishes. Victor decides to rebel with the creatures demands and sacrifice his own well-being, because he realizes that the danger to the world is much bigger than the danger to himself. In present day, people do the unthinkable when they do not get what they prefer, so they then seek revenge. Throughout high school, many scenarios between couples proved the power of revenge between love. A handful of teenagers in today’s society come to one similar conclusion when they realize they have been betrayed. Getting back at a loved one, just so they can feel the hurt that they made them go through is often a primary choice of many illiterate adolescents. “Maybe when he finds out how terrible it feels, then he will never do it again.” Although at the moment, it may…show more content…
Throughout my entire life, I have lived with two basic rules. I have always told myself to be the very best I can be in the topics I love, and to change as many lives as I possibly can. I truly believe that if I did not have the pride that my family blessed me with, then I would have never pursued to be who I am competitive wise. Sports have also sculpt me not only psychically but mentally in a way of compelling a true character within myself. My competitive side helps me immensely, not only with my love for the game, but in school as well. Changing lives to a whole different level is what I hope to do as a Neuropsychologist. The perseverance that lives within me WILL guide me in becoming what I aspire to do with my
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