Power Of Privilege Summary

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Peggy McKintosh makes a sort of parallel between the power of privilege that men posses over women and how white people have a privilege over colored people. The parallel between these two examples is that they both have a side that is more privileged than the other but they seem to not notice that they have that privilege. Men grow up in a society where they are taught not to show that they have more power and privilege over women and it is the same way with white people. White people are not taught that they are oppressors against people of color. They just grew up and were taught to not recognize their privilege of just being born white. McKintosh really gets the attention of white people and of colored by mentioning twenty six examples…show more content…
She does a good job by saying that some people are born with privilege and some are given the privilege but overall that we don 't deserve that privilege because it ends up putting others at a disadvantage. McKintosh makes it very clear to us that white privilege is more of a dominance to another race than a privilege. She ends up saying that white privilege is very much misleading because it puts people of color at a disadvantage. The whole purpose of the article that McKintosh wrote was to open the minds of the white society and make them realize that they were at a advantage over colored people and that there are many examples of the dominance of white people over colored. Even though it is said that we are a free country, things have still not gotten to the point where everyone is free and equal. McKintosh wants to make a clear understanding to everyone that racism is still there, maybe not as obvious as it was before but the hierarchy is still there putting others at a disadvantage because they were not born with white skin. McKintosh knows that this problem can 't be solved just like that but she wants to raise awareness in order for future generations to be able to set up a system where white people don 't have dominance over colored people. She wants future generations to have a system where everyone is
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