Power Of Speech By Frederick Douglass And Marie Fatayi-Williams

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The Power of Speech Speeches have been used to inspire people for thousands of years. From President Kennedy’s inauguration address, to Winston Churchill’s speech in the House of Commons, to Martin Luther King Junior’s speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, speeches have been used by many to inspire, as well as call listeners to take action. Therefore, the speeches made by Frederick Douglass and Marie Fatayi-Williams, which were intended to encourage an emotional response, were two successful examples of a moving speech that has left a lasting legacy in history. In these two speeches, Frederick Douglass and Marie Fatayi-Williams make powerful statements that are meant to strike the hearts of the listeners. The speeches are similar to one another in that they both encourage the …show more content…

It is an excellent example of the power of language because the speech is very emotionally moving, and it also states many of the harsh facts about life as a slave. When delivering this speech, Frederick Douglass uses carefully chosen words to properly deliver his ideas. The speech was obviously deeply thought-out and carefully crafted. This can be seen in the passionate, yet carefully worded sentences that are developed in such a way as to have the greatest impact on the audience. The speech’s careful word choices demonstrate the example of the power of language. If Douglass had chosen less intelligent, less moving word choices, then his speech would not have held the same emotional weight. Therefore, this speech is an excellent example of the importance and power that language can hold. A carefully crafted speech can have a great impact on the emotions and opinions of individuals. In the case of What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?, this speech was intricately designed to encourage the Ladies’ Anti-Slavery Society to continue in the fight against the institution of

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