Power Of The Jury: The O. J. Simpson Case

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The Power of the Jury Race is a strong word. It can provoke intense emotions for many people. As for the Simpson case, I believe the idea of race was the center of the case rather than what O.J. Simpson was being charged of. Mr. Hodgman indicated that prosecution tried their best to present all evidence against Simpson and believed that justice would prevail. However, due to a jury composed of only African Americans, the verdict came out in favor of Simpson. The United States have procedures and protocols for its criminal justice system for a reason. No matter what the prosecution’s reasoning was, they should have followed the specific procedures and rules that were laid out for everyone. Since the prosecution violated the rule of thumb, I believe that judgment was what cost them the case of O.J. Simpson.…show more content…
Hodgman by Frontline, he brought up how the jury was prejudiced against the LAPD and that is why justice did not prevail in Simpson’s case. Instead of the jury objectively examining the evidence for and against Simpson, they had an ulterior motive. They wanted revenge for the LAPD’s actions against Rodney King and for that they were willing to let a guilty man walk. This is the reason why I asserted that race could provoke intense emotions for many people. People in general will side with the race they belong to and would defend their own people against outsiders. The African American community of Los Angeles must have felt resentment toward the LAPD and taught them a lesson by showing them that they will not be bullied by the

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