Power Of The Playground By David Bornstein Analysis

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The essay Power of the Playground explains the effectiveness of recess and physical activity in the lives of children during their hours of school. An issue addressed in the essay is that recess is not always a fun experience due to bullying and other factors. The author, David Bornstein, introduces the audience to a new program called “Playworks”. The essay describes how this program helps improve recess for all children. Recess plays an important role in the lives of children, and Bornstein uses statistics and real life examples to inform the audience that the Playworks program provides a positive recess experience for all children. The essay delivers a key point that recess plays a much more important role in the lives of children than most people would think. In fact, early in the essay Bornstein brings up a valid point in which research states that a main predictor of a child’s mood in school is whether or not they are having fun during recess. Bornstein provides another fact involving Plato and how he “believed that children had to grow up in an atmosphere of play to become virtuous…show more content…
He wants the audience to feel informed enough about Playworks to the point where they can get the program active at schools in their area. Bornstein wants to prevent children from having bad memories about recess later in life because of things such as bullying or not being included in playground games. He uses the text effectively by showing the good and bad sides of recess by giving concrete examples of people who had bad memories of recess and people who had good memories of recess. These examples will enable the audience to see both the good and bad sides of recess. The audience will feel the need to take action because they will not want to see their children having a bad memory similar to those used as
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