Power Of The President And Congress Essay

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Power of the President and Congress
Based on recent media coverage, Donald Trump seems to be the first president who has had a lot of controversiesright after he won the election.For example, many public demonstrations have happened because of his policiesagainst immigrants and his deportation of illegal immigrants. He wants to build a border wall between the U.S and Mexico to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border into the U.S, and he has requested Mexico’s government to pay for it. However, a knowledgeable and reliable president should bring a country into economic development and give citizens truth. It is easy to see how a president affects foreign policy.The President has the highest power to decide how to manage, control,
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The president is strength in making foreign policy and negotiating with other countries leaders while Congress carries out its function as supervise president authority to avoid the president abuse his power. Furthermore, Congress also keeps track of budgets of nation and foreign to guarantee that these funds are use reasonably. On the other hand, the president has power to make war which can bring a lot suffering to victim, so Congress shares its power to declare war as limiting the president authority in war- making. Therefore, the president and Congress power should be balanced between them, and they need to use their power appropriately; “The most outstanding feature of the American system is the separation of power” (Welch 359). It is dangerous if one leader has one’s power alone, so they might abuse power and make wrong decision which might bring negative effects. To be a good leader, the president should understand the limitation of his power and Congress should keep its role while they are run country. I believe that the U.S will become the most successful country in the world if the president and congress know how to support each
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