Power Of Words In The Book Thief

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The power of words is often unrecognized. Think about it. You are very fortunate to have the ability to create. Words you create can construct greater ideas to express yourself. They can also be the foundation of creating emotions through songs, poetry, stories and even basic sentences. Intimate connections with people can be established. Words can also easily influence millions or hurt generations. All of that cannot be obtained without something as simple as a single letter. The power of words has shown great influence throughout "The Book Thief ". More specifically, towards the people of Germany, Liesel Meminger and the people she loves. Liesel 's first experience with words occurred when she noticed a book laying in a graveyard. It was "The Grave Digger 's Handbook " forgotten after the burial of her brother. She had no intention of reading the book, since she saw it as a symbol. It represented the last time she saw her mother (because she was sent away to a foster family) and her brother. When her foster father, Hans Huberman, discovered the book she had brought with her, he decided to help her become literate. Together they spent hours learning the how to read as a way to comfort her when she had one of her frequent nightmares. That helped Liesel forget her fears when she had a nightmare, formed a lasting bond between the new family, and also helped her realize her thirst for words. "The Grave Digger 's Handbook " was the first of many books Liesel stole. While
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