Personal Narrative Essay: Power Over Death

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Power Over Death A young boy named Tom had a nice family, a happy family, when he was once a young child he involved in a fatal car crash killing his father and mother, leaving his sister was in critical condition. Tom moved in with his grandparents, his sister went to a foster home. Tom’s grandmother was is a progressively worse state of dementia, his grandfather was in his late nineties, close to death, sadly his grandmother and his grandfather also dies in the short span of six months. He is soon relocated again to a foster home, Tom is around 16 at this time, six years later when Tom turns 22 years old he attends the foster families wedding, since they were not yet married. Unknowingly there was a fire set by a unmonitored cigarette. The…show more content…
The only friend he had was a girl one year younger than him, a lady named, Abby, she had red hair and silver colored eyes. She knew how to get to the deep web. Tom took upon her guidance, she gave him a crash course on how to navigate through the deep web. Tom downloaded a browser called Tor, went to a suggested site on how to start, but one thing that stuck to Tom was to be patient. He mainly found very little information, he found things that wouldn’t be suitable to say for this story. Some of the more minor things that I can say are lower prices for electronics, and guns for sale. The dark net changes constantly, mainly the reason being is that so people can’t be caught trying to sell and pirated products. For months Tom would search the dark web, but one day he found a forum where people were talking about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Completely unrelated to the conversation that was going on he typed, “Power over death.”, it took about thirty seconds for somebody to reply. Responding to his words the other person on the forum said “Yes, open private chat.” As soon as the Tom saw this he made a private chat, then inviting the person onto his own forum. Tom and the person went back and forth exchanging questions, such as, how would I know if you are legit, how do you know, etc. all the person replied was, yes and no answers. But the one command
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