The Pros And Cons Of Power Politics

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In today's political and social system, we have been living in the power age for countless centuries. It has been regarded as inevitable that those pursuits of power and lead the world into a power politics’ generation. Power politics is a form of international relations in which sovereign states protect their own interests by threatening one another with military, economic or political aggression (J.Morgenthau, 1946).Although it is the regrettable realities of the international politics, the fear and insecurity, the pursuit of power, the use of force, and the ever-present possibility of war are often presented as inevitable. Somehow it is also a way of understanding the world’s international relations that nations compete for the world's resources, and it is to a nation's advantage to be manifestly competent to harm others. However, we are doubtful that is the power politics the only choice for the international society, not other better alternatives instead of power politics to balance the contradiction of the world? Thus, in this report, I intend to talk about the composition of international power and the argument about if there are other alternatives to power politics.

The power of the world
The phrase power politics is composed of two words: power and politics. So, let me start by taking it at its face value with the definition of
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As we can know from the first section, there are several of powers in the international relations, pursue of power in each state is unavoidable. Because anarchy, which means there is no world government, states do not have surely security .The only way to protect them harmless is to be powerful. According to Kenneth Waltz’s theory of international anarchy, international anarchy is the permissive cause of war. But diverse points of view have been proposed that power politics is not inevitable, there also other choices besides power politics in an anarchic global
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