Power Struggle In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein '

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hroughout the course of the novel, the battle for control of one another takes center stage. There is no one person who is all powerful in the novel, however, there are many relationships that have a balance. Victor and the Creature hold the premier power struggle throughout the novel, they constantly are trying to gain the upper hand over one another. Mary Shelley makes the fight for dominance and power a focal point in her novel by showing the battle for power between conflicting character such as the Creature and the De Lacy family and also between Victor and the Creature. When the Creature stumbled upon the De Lacy family they were isolated and poor. The Creature steals from the impoverished family to stay alive. Without the family it…show more content…
He becomes isolated from his family and friends to create this project that he believes will be an advancement in the world of science. At this point in the novel it appears that Victor is in full control of his destiny. He holds the ultimate power at this point over the creature, as he has created its life. Without his actions, the main dispute of power would never have been. The power shifts dramatically once he brings the Creature to life. Victor is terrified of his creation and that he has created something that has the potential to kill. Victor is the creator of this hideous Creature, but at this point, the Creature is the master. The Creature begins killing those closest to him, which makes Victor very sick at the thought that he indirectly was the killer. Victor was unable to stop the Creature from committing these horrible acts of violence, which proves how out of control he was in this situation. The Creature offered to leave Victor and his loved ones alone if he completed one simple task, make him a female companion. It is now that the power shifts back to the side of Victor because he can control whether or not he will appease this request. Victor gives in and agrees, but while he is creating the second Creature that he thinks of all of the negative effects of creating a second one of these abominations. So he destroys his work and the Creature vows revenge. He later takes out
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