Power Struggle In The Heat

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When you want to watch a hilarious movie at night but you aren’t sure what to watch, The Heat directed by Paul Feig is an extremely funny film. It will get the whole family, or whoever is watching to laugh. This is a gut wrenching film that is sure to make your day 100% better. The power struggle between the two main characters, plot line for family, and the touching ending. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock have a constant power struggle due Sandra Bullock is part of the FBI and Melissa McCarthy is part of the Boston Police Department. The dynamic duo have issues when a high profile drug dealer needs to be captured. Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) gets sent to Boston to help with the case. Her partner during this time is Shannon Mullins…show more content…
During the duration of the film, as stated before, the power difference between Sarah and Shannon is on-going. The film comes to a close with a sentimental end. Shannon’s brother is in the hospital and it’s up to Shannon to save him. While Shannon arrives at the room, someone is just about to put air into her brother’s bloodstream. Shannon can’t move to stop him as he pulls a gun out. Shannon is sitting on the floor helpless. As she glances down the hallway she sees Sarah crawling to her, Sarah puts her finger in front of her lips to indicate Shannon to be quiet. Sarah gets to the room and confronts the guy, and before you know it, Sarah is the savior of the day. Due to this scene, it drastically changes the dynamic between the FBI agent and the cop. Sarah and Shannon at the end of the movie end up on the same end of the spectrum on how to handle perpetrators, well, crime in general. Shannon looks rough around the edges, stubborn, but once you get to know her she becomes a compassionate women. The ending is what will get you the most. Sarah is at her new office due to a promotion, while Shannon is at the hospital. Shannon tells her to look in the back of this book that she had placed in her office. Shannon wrote a message “Foster kid, now you have a sister” (Cherin, Topping, Feig,

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