Power Tends To Corrupt In Animal Farm

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Power. It is the world’s most dangerous asset anyone can hold on to. It can be used for prosperity or for a complete destruction depending on the person. As the famous Lord Acton 's quote says, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Animal Farm stands for the best example that can display this matter in a clearer and funnier version. It portrays the 1917 Russian Revolution atmosphere with the replacement of Russia into Animal Farm. The characters also did not fail to resemble the real people involved in the revolution. Power leads to greed, used to take advantage and manipulate. A person with absolute power tends to choose greediness after a certain time period, despite having followed a wise person’s vision and mission. It may due to failure of self-control over power or the…show more content…
This is due to believing that educated leaders are always right. This is very obvious in Animal farm as Napoleon, used Squealer, the master of manipulation as his mouthpiece to manoeuvre the farm animals. Snowball was blamed by Napoleon for every disaster happening in Animal Farm, from the destruction of the windmill to a broken window. The animals buy it as well since they could not read or write. For an example, Boxer always says ‘Comrade Napoleon is always right’ even when he is not. In addition, Squealer often threatens the animals that Mr. Jones will return if they did not follow as instructed by Napoleon to manipulate the farm animals. For instance, pigs decided that the milk and windfall as well as the main crops of apples should be reserved for the pigs alone. Ostensibly, pigs need to be in healthy state as they claimed to be the Einstein of the welfare of the farm. Here also, Squealer threatens the animals that Jones would return if they oppose the idea. Therefore, the animals agreed with
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