Pentecostal Song Analysis

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Such approach we can for example see in the pentecostal song:

Jesus power, super power

Mamiwota power, powerless power.

Jesus power, super power,

demonic power, powerless power….

(Ugot and Offiong 2013:152)

Acceptance of power of spirits and worship of prosperity caused that poverty, unsuccess and illness have been interpreted as spirits’ interference into human life. This world view, however put majority of Nigerians to a position, where they are blamed for their suffering by connecting their struggle with spirits and lack of devotion to the christian God. Moreover, it exerts pressure for many Nigerian people to become rich in order to be accepted in the modern religious Nigerian society, which is based on capitalistic values deeply embedded in the pentecostal ideology.

Anne Abok (2016), a Nigerian cofounder of a shelter for ex sex street workers in Nigeria, said that in Nigeria people experience poverty of values. According to Abok a social position of a person in the country is derived from the amount of money which they own and poor people are denied by the society. Women who are deported to Nigeria are highly stigmatized by their society and even by their own families. They are blamed for being in
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The women who become rich in Europe, even if the source of their wealth is linked to work in prostitution, are not blamed for it and are perceived positively by society due to their economical success. But the women who come back without enough money to lift family out of the poverty increasing their social status are stigmatized by the society.. They’ll be laughing at me, the rich people; look at them, they go and now they get deported. They say mean things about us, that we do prostitution. They laugh at us (Rachel, cited in Ratia and Notermans

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