Powerlifting Vs Crossfit Persuasive Essay

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Powerlifting Vs. CrossFit Two of the most popular methods of lifting weights are powerlifting and CrossFit. Powerlifting predominately focuses on building strength within the muscles; on the other hand, CrossFit focuses on muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health. Although both of these lifting methods seem to build muscle and better the body, there are positive, negative, and long term effects that come along with each one of these methods. Powerlifting has been a sport that has been in use since 1948, making it one of the oldest forms of lifting for power. One of powerlifting’s positive effects on the body is building large amounts of muscle mass in the most efficient way possible. While powerlifting, the athlete gives the body time to recover from the last set of weight that was lifted. By doing this, it gives your joints and ligaments the rest needed in order to stay away from any injury. With each lift, time is taken to look at form and technique in hopes to properly lift the weight. There are also some positive effects of CrossFit. One of them is obtaining great cardiovascular health. A CrossFitter’s body is not only pushing blood into the muscles that are being worked, but their heart rate is elevated due to…show more content…
One of the negative aspects of powerlifting is the substantial amount of weight that is being lifted. Because of this large amount of weight, torn muscles can become a factor. Powerlifting is a sport that focuses only on the ability to lift heavy weight without focusing on cardiovascular health. Without good cardiovascular health, one could get heart diseases. There are a few negative aspects involving CrossFit. For example, when the muscle begins to become fatigued the body often tends to rely on joints and ligaments. High weight and many reps leads to joint issues. When focusing on speed instead of form, injury is almost a
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