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The Powwow: A Culturally Significant Event On April 28th at 2 PM I volunteered to work at the powwow. The powwow holds a cultural significance for Native Americans and celebrates heritage. I observed a beautiful display of culture and I gained a real understanding of diversity. As someone from a Hispanic background I understand the significance of keeping culture alive. Culture is a part of life that keeps it interesting.
I worked the raffle ticket booth and sold candy on Friday. I also observed on Friday after my shift after the dinner break. While selling raffle tickets may not have been the most exciting work I got the chance to talk to a few different members of the audience. Many people were interested in the raffle and the handmade
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I felt a strong sense of community within the powwow and with all the attendants. It felt like everyone knew someone else and anyone who did not was quickly included. Toward the end of my shift the announcer mentioned there being a lunch on Sunday open to everyone at someone’s home. It’s not often that people are regularly included in a community in such a way. Many communities tend to feel closed off, however none of that feeling was present at the powwow. The importance of culture and community can often be overlooked, but especially in a modern world where there has been massive globalization and a melting pot self-identity can feel missing. Diversity in cultures not only makes life interesting and should be celebrated rather than used as a means of separation. In terms of how my work in the future may be affected, I feel as though I have added a valuable experience to my life. I think I can make decisions based less on myself and more on others. Everyone comes from a different background and differences need to be respected. As soon as you understand more about a person, you can be more empathetic and understanding of different cultures. I come from a Hispanic and German background so I have had the chance to enjoy multiple cultures already. Yet, experiencing and learning about new cultures is important to create better more understanding

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