Practical Coaching Plan

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Practical coaching plan for a Graduate Research Assistant Introduction The purpose of this paper is to explore coaching practices implementation and development for Graduate Research Assistance in my office. The paper will talk about opportunity for coaching, and illustration the importance of an open door policy, communication and trust in the work place. This work will show a review of the literature’s used to gather information. According to Bacharach (2013), becoming a good workplace coach makes walking a tightrope look easy. Coaching is used to develop a relationship and platform to support others in accomplishing tasks, and meeting the company’s goal and objectives. Coaching has traditionally been defined in many ways; such as in sports…show more content…
Promoting a Coaching friendly context environment where managers and employees can share information and learn from each other openly. People in a coaching-friendly context naturally and informally reflect on their actions, discuss their problems and goals, and ask for feedback and advice (Hunt and Weintraub 2015). However, in a coaching friendly context, according to Hunt and Weintraub (2015), mistakes are opportunities for learning. Therefore, this coaching technique is quite beneficial to both the manager and employees. Thus employees who are typically afraid of making mistakes, will be more productive in this environment. They will learn from the mistakes and be more confident and make better judgement. In the coaching-friendly context atmosphere, employees can ask any questions without criticisms. The Graduate Research Assistants will benefit from this learning technique and will work diligently knowing that their work is a learning experience. When developing a coaching culture, companies should ensure they start with creditable role models who have had positive coaching experiences themselves and who have received some training as coaches (McCarthy & Milner,…show more content…
Feedback is one of the most beneficial step in the development of an employee, and for the benefit of the organization as a whole. Thus, we need to be sensitive, and have positive atmosphere, taking away fear from the employee. Hunt and Weintraub (2015) states, we have come to understand that many well-meaning managers believes that when they give feedback, they are coaching. It’s important for both manager and employee to listen understand to provide what is requested. Keep in mind that everyone is important, and thus, they should be treated fairly and equally. Reminding ourselves that honesty is the best policy and our communication should reflect just that should be part of the process of fostering behavioral change. Not everyone is likable, but as a manager, we should not focus on that. Managers should keep everyone likable or not in the open line of communication. In doing so, the manager will not be placed in the unlikable position. It is important to remind employees of the company’s mission and vision and to adhere to it. Managers should set the best example by demonstrating the company’s mission in their management
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