Practical Nurse Interview

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Professionals Interviewed (1): Name: Francoise Prezil-Decimus Title: Practical nurse Company: Phone: (813) 312-8281 Email: The interview was conducted in person What is a typical work day like for you? The interview that I conducted I learned that a typical day of a practical nurse is providing basic nursing care to patients, while working under The supervision of a registered nurse or doctor. A typical day of a practical nurse begins their day by visiting the patient, but first they need to meet for a couple of minutes with the other practical nurse who is just finishing up his or her shift to get some information on what happened the previous night. Then she will be taking over responsibility for the shift, she will have to make sure of any special instructions or need have to be met. Also the next practical nurse needs to know what the previous practical nurse has already completed in the chart that she left. For example, if anything different has happened and what she needs to accomplish on her shift. She will need to know everything about her patient’s diagnoses, and what medication she need to administer to their patients, what concern she will need to look for, what urgent needs the patients may have.…show more content…
What are your responsibilities? the position and her title is a nurse and she worked at a nursing home. My sister right now who is and licensed practical nurse and just finish her RN schooling. I learned they can work in the health care facilities and including hospitals and doctor’s offices, and their duties include providing routine care, observing patients' health, assisting doctors and registered nurses, and communicating with patients and their
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