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Practice Fusion Electronic Health Record (EHR) System
MEA-131 Ms. Slade
June 17, 2016
Sharon Liles

Practice Fusion Electronic Health Record (EHR) System
Technology and the evolution of Electronic Health Records is an improvement to the efficiency and the effectiveness of how healthcare providers record, communicate and process patient information. According to Practice Fusion, “since 2005, the focus of Practice Fusion is expanding the ability to aggregate clinical data and share it meaningfully, by helping to make healthcare better for everyone. To improve clinical decision, support to tracking Meaningful Use, and provide insight that deliver better, safer and more efficient
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Practice Fusion is a cloud free base Electronic Health Records (EHR), platform physicians’ offices use as a method of storing and accessing patient information over the internet versus a computer database or hard drive. In addition, Practice fusion is helping to manage their patient population. Providers can utilize Practice Fusion system of connection to help coordinate care, which represents the largest healthcare ecosystem in the United States. Practice Fusion can offer services to make healthcare better. It’s not just for doctors and patients, but for labs also. Having more than six hundred, other than labs, they have imaging centers, pharmacies, billing solutions, and third-party applications. These members of the healthcare system can benefit by using Practice Fusion. The implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) has the potential to be costly for healthcare providers; Practice Fusion is free. Practice Fusion also facilitates a networking operation that connects healthcare providers with partners throughout the United States to include medical labs, pharmacies, and other medical facilities.…show more content…
Since its startup in 2005 its mission to disrupt the slow moving world of health care by providing a free service of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to doctors and their facilities. This system will benefit doctors by cutting down cost, decrease medical errors, decrease mishandled or forgotten messages. It will help the overall goal of medical errors. It improves accuracy through record legibility and record
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