Practicum Goals

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1. Learning goals a. Identify your learning goals for this practicum. - To identify the challenges the native born/minority African nursing students have with their professional communication skills and the struggles they have in learning/demonstrating these skills while completing the nursing curriculum. - To gain information and support from other disciplines who specialize in the English language, and learning how to improve communication skills related to health care. b. Discuss how you met the goals. Met with Sue Sepela and Kathy Lamb English Language Learning Specialist (ELL) and Lois Brown the coordinator Specialist Reading/ Tutor to discuss ways of communicating through Canvas, to continue with methods and ways that will assist students…show more content…
As a DNP, beginning of the project I felt very alone, but as I connected to other disciplines outside of the department of nursing, my attitude keeps changing. This is due to all the outstanding encouragement and support that I have received throughout this project. Everyone wants each student to be successful meeting their goals. Learning Outcomes e. Discuss how participation in the practicum experiences discussed above relate/will assist you in meeting the learning outcomes you have identified for this course. By participating in this practicum experience has demonstrated to me that working as an effective team helps provides expanded opportunities for students and faculty interaction. No one wants to give up on the students. Discuss what you gained professionally from this practicum experience. Professionally this experience has provided me with a better understanding of how teaching and learning improve when we have common goals. This discussion between other disciplines outside of the department of nursing has made a huge difference in what I will do as I move
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