Practicum Reflection Paper

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STANDARD 1: THE TEACHER DEMONSTRATES APPLIED CONTENT KNOWLEDGE I feel that I have sufficient academic knowledge in math and every other subject to develop student knowledge and performance. Through experience with practicum I believe that I can communicate concepts, processes, and knowledge, as well as, connect content to life experiences. I feel like I could definitely improve in guiding students to understand content from various perspectives and in identifying and addressing students’ misconceptions of content. STANDARD 2: THE TEACHER DESIGNS AND PLANS INSTRUCTION I believe that I can adequately design and plan instruction. Through experience with practicum I have become very familiar with designing and planning instruction but I will improve in this when I have my own classroom. I believe that writing objectives that are aligned with the standards is a strength of mine. I also feel like I am fairly good at planning instructional strategies and…show more content…
Every classroom that I have been in for my practicum has implemented a positive learning environment and I feel like I will have no problem with this when going into my own classroom. I also believe that the practicum experiences that I have had at more diverse schools has helped me to value and support student diversity and address individual needs more than before. It took a little while to get used to because I grew up in a school that had no diversity at all. I also think that I will have no problem creating a safe learning environment for students. When writing my educational philosophy I thought and thought about things that could help create a safe environment and how I will make every student feel physically safe, as well as, safe from embarrassment. I want every student in the class to participate and want to ask and answer questions without fear of being

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