Practitioner Enquiry In English

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The aims of a Practitioner enquiry are to analyze and reflect on the process of teaching and learning which academic credits are awarded. Most educational systems are successful because the schools makes effort in developing and investing their on teachers to be reflective, accomplished ad making enquiries professionally. These teachers who have the capacity to engage with complexities of education system and they will be the key of shaping and leading educational changes (Donaldson, 2011:4). Practitioners need to combine their reflection and practice when addressing issues. According to researcher Price (2004;47), the purpose of reflection is to understand one’s motive , perceptions, attitudes, values and feelings. Practitioners have a choice…show more content…
Due to the tension raised it led me to formulate my research questions which made me identify the concerns related to the research area. My interest of the research study is to look at evaluating the effectiveness of the teachers teaching strategies of teaching English language as an additional language in the early year’s classrooms. As a practitioner I wanted to assess the effectiveness of how the teachers teaching strategies can benefit the children in early years can learning English effectively. The proposed areas had to investigate on the teacher’s performance, confidence level of teaching early year’s students and data on student’s performance in learning English. The article which I reviewed for my research gave me some ideas and made realize on how I could venture further looking into the teacher’s perception rather than focusing on the external factors which is not related. With further readings and findings it allowed me to widen my scope of research to measure professional support for teachers which could have been taken into consideration. Based on the different literature reviewed, I felt there were various professional support offered to standardized the teaches teaching strategies and by having a look at the support it made think as to whether…show more content…
Ethical factors of the study are considered for conducting an effective and meaningful research which measures the ethical behavior and scrutinize the researchers (Best & Kahn, 2006; Field and Behrman, 2004; Trimble and Fisher, 2006). My task as a researcher is to ensure the participants and their parents have a complete understanding of the information, methods used in the study and the demands during the study to evaluate the effectiveness of the study (Best and Kahn,2006; Jones and Kottler, 2006). It is my responsibility to protect the participants by obtaining consent, ensuring protection from any

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