Prairie Dogs Research Paper

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PG 34 HOME ON THE RANGE FOR UTAH PRAIRIE DOGS Utah prairie dogs lives underground in high sagebrush steppes. The home that they made for themselves also support the life of their predator. But the farmer do not like them. Because they eat crop in order to survive during their winter hibernations. It is harmful to alfalfa and hay. Prairie dogs also eat the food that are for live stock. The farmer used poison and guns to kill prairie dogs in the 1920s and led them to extinct. Even though prairie dogs are not on the endangered animals list anymore, they are still facing threat from forest plague, development of city, and drought. EDF tried to protect prairie dogs by introducing a program that enable farmers to sell their land to developers,…show more content…
Xel Energy, one of the power plant compony that use wind, generate a large amount of power for use at a low cost on money and environment. Obama’s climate action plan make the United States the leader of solving the problem of climate change. It called for the reduce emission of carbon dioxide, reform on the power plants, and use renewable resources. EDF works with other organization to help control and watch the change in climate and population. But the process of solving the solution problem and climate change is never easy. Many people disagree with the president’s plan, especially the automakers and the National Republican Congressional Committee. The courts rejected a lot of the opposition point of view. Many coral power plants are reformed. They use more efficient equipment to generate power from wind and use clean, renewable resources. EDF have helped company to get clean resources with a reasonable price. EDF did not establish their relationship with Xel right away. As the coral power plants are shutting down, EDF help Xel to continue going and generate power. The effort of government to shutting down coral power plants and the spread idea of it have really help to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and change to renewable…show more content…
The air pollution increase the risk of getting cancer, heart attack, and respiratory problems. EDF have been trying to solve air pollution problems for years, and it eventually reduce the emission of car and the sulfur content of gasoline. They tries to make the new generation of cars to produce less carbon monoxide. Even though oil and gas industry strongly reject the idea of lowering standard, some place already lower their emission standard for car. The standard of emission car had rise did not solve the problem itself. But, however, it did make process to approach the solution. The low standard help the car company to make car that emit less carbon monoxide and sulfur gas. The gas contains less sulfur can help the pollution-control equipment to work more efficient. It reduce the risk of children from getting respiratory
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