Prakrit As A Indian Language

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The Indian language of the people, which was called Prakrit, was a mixed language which had influenced in different provinces. N.M.Gill (2013:15) quote Sir George Grierson that “Prakrit may be taken as equivalent to ‘natural’ or ‘colloquial’ in contrast with the Sanskrit which was used mainly for literary purposes. The ‘Apabhramsa’ language was a modification of Prakrit and this process brought various forms of Hindi into current usage’’. Dr. Nazir M.Gill (2013:15) says that ‘the first pattern of Prakrit can be found in religious books on the Jan. Mat and Buddha’s teaching in BC.250. This Prakrit can be found in Pali which had been influenced by the Saurseni and Muttra languages in various places in India. People did not like literary language and they started their own language in which they can easily communicate as ‘Apabhramsa’ which shows mixed language. It did not have any systematic grammatical principles. This language was established by local people and soon it became the local vernacular of the people. Pundit Bahar Sharma Guleri says that ‘The Muslims came from another land in India and established ‘Khari Boli’ (the name of the language) in Agra, Delhi, Saharanpur, Meerut, but the use of their culture and society, has given rise to Urdu language’. ‘With the evolution of Khari Boli, Rikhta was established in 1700 A.D. though Braj Bhasha was the popular language of that century. According to Linguistic analysis of that era Urdu language had

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