Prank Film Analysis

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It takes us into the present, with the movie starting with three millennials out in the streets pranking unsuspecting people while filming all the action on a handheld gopro.
The scene first starts with Jean, her hands with splatters of blood asking help from another victim. This isn’t the type of victim that involves murder, it’s actually a prank victim. The victim eventually believes her, while Jean acts like she is in pain and shows her back to the victim.
It seemed like it had a knife embedded into her back, and Val’s boyfriend shows up holding a knife and acted like he was another crazed zombie serial killer.
It was actually just Bobby wearing some type of zombie like mask, and Val was the one who did the recording of it all. They laughed together, and Jean comes into the scenario, at home waking up to
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Jean, in order to curb the bashers of her channel, decided to do another prank.
In the end, the pulubi supposedly gets five thousand pesos. The jump scares and cheesy sound effects start here, and the cliché of the antagonist dying and the body disappearing happens in this part. Like the responsible people they were, they fled after not finding the body of pulubi in a hurry.
The curse of the usog then starts, it is a curse that can cause death. It was said that it was caused, by a person or spirit who stares at you with malice or gives you ‘evil’ eye.
Jean gets affected with the usog first, but eventually she got cured because her conscience made her go back to the place Sherwin took them to. Jean and Sherwin met Quintin, then Quintin took them to his mother to cure Jean of the usog.
The next scene was where I saw a slight comedic intent on the film, Sherwin’s mother used a big jar full of saliva to save Jean. I was curious as to why she would do that, it was just actually because the one who cursed Jean isn’t any ordinary being or
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