Prank Satire

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Hi Folks, How’s your week been. I will admit, I have been quite lazy and have not done a blog the past few weeks. Work and life can certainly get in the way and can drain a person’s essence and willpower. Frankly, people need to recharge their batteries and try an escape the monotony. Hence, I will be taking a trip to a couple of fairs in Minnesota in the coming days. So be on the lookout for a new blog about food and entertainment from the twin cities. Furthermore, if I don’t start writing, I may lose my sense of reality watching dreadful cable reality shows or worse the bias news media that promotes hate. However, to lighten the mood of the day to daily strife for my followers, I decided to showcase 5 great social media artists, who strive…show more content…
Jesse M. Wellens and his girlfriend Jeana have done countless of rude and silly pranks on each other in YouTube since 2007. Their YouTube series has garnered over 1 billion views and numerous laughs to start with. While I believe they do love each other, I fear one day the couple will lose an eye or limb by their reckless pranks. Here’s a couple gems from their YouTube series Jaboody Dubs/Studios: Dubbing over movies is not a new idea on the internet. However Jaboody Dubs/Studios have the funniest dubs of awful television commercials, infomercials, cartoons and awful b-movies you would have ever seen. Although most may involve Billy Mays, the Star Wars Dub is so tremendous and is a must see. Here’s clips from a tremendous YouTube series. Roman Atwood: Finally probably one of the best YouTube Pranksters out there would be Roman Atwood. With 7 million subscribers and over 1 billion views, Roman is probably one of the most talented YouTube personality on the site and often has a twisted and sadistic sense of humor. Here’s a few clips of him pranking his girlfriend and an epic prank with the assistance of his YouTube friend Alex Mandel on his famous father “America’s Got Talent’s” Howie
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