Pravin Gordhan Case Study

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1. INTRODUCTION Pravin Gordhan has been fired again as the Financial minister of South Africa. President Jacob Zuma conducted a cabinet reshuffle in which Pravin Gordhan along with his deputy Mr Mcebisi Jones were both fired. This follows up after Pravin had been reinstated as the minister of finance for the second time. Because this caused a decay in the economic growth, the political party suffered as it had to conduct damage control as there was also unrest among the citizens of south Africa. This essay will argue against the president’s decision to fire Pravin Gordhan and his deputy, Mr Mcebisi Jones. Initially, this essay will be discussing the events that took place leading to the cabinet reshuffle in which the finance minister and his deputy were fired. Furthermore, the reactions of the public as well as the investors. Last of all, the writer will go about discussing how the economy is currently suffering as a result. 2. EVENTS THAT TOOK PLACE LEADING TO THE CABINET RESHUFFLE. Before the cabinet reshuffle, Pravin Gordhan had been previously fired. The reason given for this was…show more content…
People who are considered allies of the African National Congress like the Vice President Ramaphosa also took Kathy’s memorial service as a platform to plead with the President to step down and do the right thing. Initially, the memorial had been postponed and the reasoning behind this was that the president was scared that the vice president would use this as a platform to speak against him. The president is also accused of spreading rumours that the vice president had resigned. According to Qaanitah hunter, this is all because the president had not consulted his vice before conducting the reshuffle and the fact that Ramaphosa is against the decision that the president
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