Prayer At Sunrise Poem Analysis

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New Beginnings The poems “Prayer at Sunrise” by James Weldon Johnson, and “The Jewish Year” by Jessie E. Sampter both present themes that say having faith in God to provide new beginnings in your life. Conversely, the poem “The Jewish Year” by Jessie E. Sampter has a more solemn or sad but determined tone, while “Prayer at Sunrise” by James Weldon Johnson is more uplifting. I think these tones resonate from the authors past. Both authors had struggles in the beginnings of their lives but did not let that hold them back. However “Prayer at Sunrise” uses more high language than “The Jewish Year which uses much more low language. Now let us begin with the tone differences of these two poems. One difference between these two poems is the tones. Jessie E. Sampter uses a more solemn but determined tone throughout the poem. She says “oh then, when God has kept his word, In peace we end the year. Our fruit is certain from the Lord.” I believe she is trying to say that God will give them the things they need but will still…show more content…
In the poem “Prayer at Sunrise” the author uses “thou”, “thee”, and ”thy”. While “The Jewish Year” uses regular english. I think the use of Shakespearean language makes it feel more uplifting and interesting. The specific translations I found for each of these words was “thou” translates to “you” subject, “thy” translates to “your” possessive and “thee” translates to “you” as the object in the sentence. The use of Shakespearean language also gives it an underlying meaning of the words in the poem while “The Jewish Year” has the meaning of the poem plainly written and you can understand the it much easier. The Shakespearean language is something that the reader must ponder what each word actually means. Unlike “The Jewish Year” were all the meanings of the words is obvious in the poem. The underlying truth that God looks out for you and makes sure you have a new beginning at some
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