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Prayers for the stolen is a lingering story of love and survival that introduces an unforgettable heroine. The main character Ladydi was born in a period when it was dangerous to exist as a female. She was born in Chilpancingo, Guerrero in a time where women had to fend for themselves and the men (including her father) have all left to the U.S in hope for a better opportunity, because of this Ladydi was left with just her mother Rita. During the time of Ladydi 's childhood, Guerrero was in the middle of a drug war; the drug lords were being treated as kings and girls would be abducted by men with black Escalades. Because of this, the women would make their daughters look like boys by cropping their daughter 's hair and coloring their teeth. Rita had an idea for women to dig holes outside of the ground for their daughters to hide in when a car approaches (this method saved Ladydi, but not her friend Paula). Due to this experience Ladydi has always felt like she needs to become more cautious around…show more content…
Ladydi’s relationship with her mother is broken and difficult. Her mother had a saying that “if you pray for something that you want it is not going to happen”, so she told Ladydi to get on her knees and pray for spoons. Ladydi felt like she can no longer feel similar to her mother when she found out that she was an alcoholic. It becomes much worse due to the fact that Rita is a thief (this was shown when she steals from Reyes family). In addition to this, Rita believes in revenge which she began to show after her husband left her to go to U.S because of that she always feel hatred when she thinks about her husband (due to the fact she has a machete waiting for her husbands return). Nevertheless, Rita’s time waiting for her husband to return was in vain. Meanwhile, Ladydi leaves Guerrero to Acapulco and dreams of a future which holds more potential than survival. Possibly due to feelings of betrayal, she tells her daughter to “never come back”. It is sympathetic to think about it, because of the experience Ladydi and Rita had during the time of the drug war they always had to live in fear. It is clear to say that Ladydi and Rita has been through adversity in their life. That adversity continues when Ladydi becomes involved with the backlash of a murder. The crime that has been committed was too important to be handled by State of Guerrero; it would be handled in Mexico City. Ladydi is considered “a witness and accomplice in the murder of one of Mexico’s most important drug traffickers. The crime had captured the entire

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