Prayer In School Essay

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Since the early 20th Century, prayer in school has been a huge argument, and is still one of the most heated arguments in today’s society. The debate came about in 1948, when the Supreme Court handed down its first decision on the issue of religion in public schools, ruling in McCollum v Board of Education that it is unconstitutional to conduct religious education within public school buildings (Cohen par. 5). Many people stated that principals did not want the non-Christian students to feel uncomfortable, but did they ever think that not praying in schools could make the Christians students uncomfortable? Not letting students pray in school violates the 1st Amendment. Prayer at this level, that is nurturing a relationship between God and ourselves,…show more content…
We must show our non-Christians the same amount of respect as the Christians would want. It would violate the Constitution. That document clearly calls for the separation of church and state. Those who wrote it knew history. They knew how horrible and oppressive life could be when the two were not separated. All attempts to circumvent this provision have been struck down by the courts and will continue to be (Walsh 25). Most of those encouraging prayer in schools are supporting Christian prayer. If Christian prayer were to be allowed, then other religions would feel the need to pray as well. They are citizens who pay taxes that shape, function, and uphold schools; therefore, they have the same equal rights. Us as supporters of prayer in schools, may have less than Christian reasons for their advocacy; reasons like getting elected or re-elected to sever in school office or club office. Prayer still exists in the schools, but it exists quietly and privately in the hearts and minds of the students and staff.
Although you have other religions besides Christianity, I believe praying is good for the wellbeing of the school. Allowing praying in school can help everyone prosper academically and spiritually. Praying is good for everyone, even though you might not believe in God, he still treats as his
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