Pre Colonial History In The Philippines

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According to the basic and dictionary meaning of prehistory, prehistory defined is the period of the history of human before recorded events[1] so simply it is the period of time before writing was used to record events such as in the era of the bronze, iron, stone, and even the ice age.
History has many definitions. Be it a tale or story [3], an account of a patient 's medical background [3], a formal written account of related natural phenomena [3], or even a chronological record of significant events including explanations of their causes [3]. The word came from the Greek word ἱστορί or historia, meaning "inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation"[2]. The invention of writing was the significant start of history. With that, the handing down of
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Another realization is that I thought learning history may tend to be boring but it opened my eyes and curiosity to what our prehistory can offer. The one culture I would like to retain or give more importance and appreciate its value from the pre-colonial time is the their literature before for it provides us with the information of their way of life and in depth colorful concepts of their culture

4. On Philippine Archaeology
Archaeology views history in a unique way and perspective. Not only it helps us understand both the recent and ancient history but also explains the past in details on the way of life people lived. Archaeology does not just rely on written records but they go through the things that were left behind and find time to analyze them. It gives us knowledge about the lives of people, organizations and communities [11].

` Using the bipartite view of the Spanish people, we corrected their perceptions by the evidences recovered by archaeologists like the vases and urns meaning the Filipinos already had a concept of different practices and

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